I haven’t been as good at posting as I have been at sketching every night. I’ll get on it.

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I got a tablet, you guys.

Workplace Valentine’s Day Activities


  1. Downsize-grams — Buy 1 get 3 free. Pick yours up in the lobby.

  2. Candy Heart Performance Reviews — PLZ IMPRUV!

  3. Chocolate Stapler

  4. Lean In Trust Falls — Shirts vs. Skins

  5. Cupid’s Tunnel of Sexual Harassment Education

  6. Preemptive Going Away Party for Thomas “The Assgrabber”…

Keep Pulling.

Hoping this guy can bring a little cheer to someone in a tough spot.

Addendum: Nobody Loves Knife.

The Silverware.

After a painful divorce from the dish.

Mechanical Object

Haven’t filled a request in a while. (Or have I?!)

The Squished Artist.

Exercises: Pepper, Eyes, Bottle.

Sketch sketch sketch. Learn learn learn.

An Impromptu Poem On The Occasion Of My First Day Of Work

I saw the sun come up today,
As I stood on the corner,
Waiting for the bus,
That I already missed.

Never fear, I’ve still been drawing, every day! Mostly brainstorming and rough learning exercises (trying to improve my fundamentals). Anyhow, Dad said to post something, so here’s one of my learny sketches.

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It feels so weird to not tag these as “sketchaday” anymore.

Things I Liked To Draw in 2013.

Hello everyone in Internet-land! What a year of sketch 2013 was. I started the year knowing I wanted to draw more. I had a ballpoint pen, a #2 pencil, a free mini-sketchbook, and essentially no idea how to do that. But I did! I managed to sketch something every day of 2013, whether it was a q-tip drawn from memory, Vin Diesel in a Hello Kitty electric car, or a strange little man with no midsection who only exists in my head.

Sure, it MAY have taken, 412 posts, five sketchbooks, but I think I actually managed to learn a few things. Mostly about what I like to draw and what different ways I like to see the world. And a little bit about different fun art tools. (Not that there’s anything wrong with ballpoint pen.) But also (and maybe most importantly) I got practice in trying new things, and *letting* myself try new things and just seeing what happens.

And so I say farewell to the sketch-a-day project. It was a good thing, and now I’m hoping that adding a little flexibility will lead to some interesting long-term projects. We’ll see!

Thanks to everyone for watching this space and these sketches. Your eyeballs are my friends!

(Now that I think of it, doing a sketch a day for a year was a strange decision to make. I love it.)

Game Time.

I doodled a bit on my brother’s Wii U. It’s pretty satisfying to make a digital sketch by drawing straight onto the image.

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