Quick sketch, trying to figure out mice.


He’s derangedly happy. Critter blobs by me & @theshish
#sketch #watercolor (at Roam Artisan Burgers)

Some strange creature doodles waiting for burgers with chadilaksono.

This morning I dreamt a woman drowned. Blonde, matted hair fell across her face as I held it above the water.

Then I got up and went to work.

Tiny Frogs Are The Best.

Still sketching.

Anton Loses His Temper with Sean the Puppet

But everything turns out okay.

Not sure what this is from, but I like it.

Moving to Medium, A Letter To The Scientific Community


All Cream Baby is moving to a Medium collection.

Be sure to check out the new post, A Letter To The Scientific Community.

New All Cream Baby post by yours truly, posted over on Medium.

I was having a very frustrating day in pencil, couldn’t get anything to come out right. Later I took out my pen and felt better.

What I did At Work Yesterday.



Ancient artistic talent.

Sketching ideas for a new request for Mom’s class.

"Keep Drawing."

Happy Father’s Day to all. Thanks to my dad for his support and motivation. For better or worse, I’m still at it!

Also: that time I tried to draw like Bill Watterson.

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